When we started this research, I hadn’t thought much about imagery. I liked seeing descriptions and images in poems, but I hadn’t thought about how imagery contributes to the poem in terms of theme and message. Now that we’ve examined a number of poems and looked at imagery a lot and in detail, I’ve realized that without imagery, a poem could never have the same impact and effect on the reader. The imagery in poems must be delicately crafted, and carefully thought about (as we discovered while writing our own poetry). It must be specific to the poem so that it supports and strengthens the theme. I think the most important aspect of imagery that we discovered was how well it needs to coordinate with the message and theme.

Writing a poem on our own really made me appreciate poets and their works very much. I learned that it isn’t so easy to write a poem, to express what you want to get across to the reader using just the right words and crafting each line with care. It also made me realize and appreciate how writing can make you feel happy, and even proud. You can put your feelings and thoughts into words, and make them sound great. I find this very relieving and also pretty cool at the same time. Which is why it makes me proud that we could do it, no matter the quality of our poem.

            We learned to use Animoto and PresentMe, both of which were pretty cool and original. We used Animoto to create an introduction video that wasn’t boring (we hope) and I think it went really well. We used PresentMe so that whoever is viewing the site could see the slides and our comments together without getting confused. But PresentMe did give us a hard time, because it wasn’t so easy to use. There was an “upload video” option so we thought we could put together a pre-recorded video and the slides using PresentMe. We wanted to do this because the quality of our first PresentMe wasn’t that good, and we figured we could record on our phones and put it together with the slides. Turns out you have to pay for that. So we had to upload them to YouTube and embed them next to each other, but it wasn’t quite the same thing. We also used YouTube, obviously, because it was the only way to put videos. Also, SoundCloud turned out to be really useful; we uploaded our track there and it was really easy to link to the site.

            Needless to say, I improved my tech skills a lot working on this project, and learned to use new tools. But that wasn’t the point. The important thing that I learned from this project was that you can’t be successful in writing poetry if you don’t use your creativity and emotions. I think I will keep that in mind from now on when writing or examining poetry. 

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    March 2013